23. - 28. August 2010 - Cologne - Germany
Official Touristic Programme
Monday, 03 May 2010

Dear Friends of Masters Squash !

Please let us welcome you to the official Touristic Programme of the 10th WSF World Masters Championships 2010 in Cologne.

We are very proud to present to you today our official Partner for this Programme: E&P Reisen & Events, a company being based in Cologne and possessing extreme expertise with travel management within Cologne, Germany, Europe and of course the city of Cologne and the surrounding region. E&P has prepared for you a full Touristic Programme connected with the Championships: from short trips to Cologne city, expeditions to the region around Cologne to three-day our one-week trips to sightseeing locations in Germany or Europe.

It is quite clear that players visiting Cologne and Germany do want to see the countryside. Germany as host country to the Championships has to offer so many beautiful locations which you should not miss.

Touristic Programme Terms of service - E&P Reisen
Rahmenprogramm AGB - E&P Reisen

Cologne itself is one of the oldest and most famous cities of Germany. The Cologne cathedral is a masterpiece of human buildings and of course a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

The region around Cologne and the Rhine valley feature many heritages more; the Loreley is well known around the world and now you can visit this exciting region.

The Loreley and the Cologne cathedral are parts of the official Touristic Programme, which we have chosen to best represent our countries views.

In Aachen, being the heart of Europe, the old cathedral and the city are a must for each traveller to Germany, and how about a ride in a hot-air balloon, which for sure you will never forget ?

Do not miss this once in a lifetime occasion to connect your visit to Germany and use this possibility to experience the German lifestyle.

We as Organisers wish you a pleasant touristic stay in Cologne and Germany and wish you all the best for the tournament. And if you travel home safeguard in your heart the memories from these World Championships and from Cologne and Germany.

To obtain more information from E&P please complete the contact form.

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